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Harmonia is a membership-driven social club and wellness center, located in an iconic Sausalito building once home to one of the most famous recording studios in the world. It is here we combine wellness services, yoga, Pilates, dance classes, cultural workshops, and luxury amenities under one roof. We also host intimate gatherings, business off-sites, concerts, and private parties.

We are meeting the need for an integrated destination, aimed at healthy, playful individuals living in Marin and San Francisco.

Akin to the Harmonia butterfly, we create a transformative and unique experience that brings comfort, joy and health to your life. Come join us to enrich your mind, meet new people, and energize your body through music, dance and laughter. Our goal is to remind you to enjoy life with a smile, and to not take things too seriously!

We invite you to learn more about our facility, the people involved, and membership opportunities. Harmonia launches in the spring of 2015.